Topcon Magnet Field​
Topcon Pocket3D
Magnet Office Tools

We pride ourselves as being one of the few Licensed Professional Land Surveyors providing technical support to contractors, land surveyors, engineers and all trades using surveying equipment.

We support the following:

  • Bentley Microstation and InRoads
  • Data setup for 3D Machine Control Systems (Topcon, and Trimble) 
  • Robotic Total Stations for Layout (Building Footers, Walls, Piers, Anchor Bolts)
  • Digital Levels
  • RTK GPS / GNSS for site grading, site layout
  • Static GPS / GNSS for Control Networks
  • Topcon Magnet Field 
  • Topcon Magnet Office Tools – EDM and GPS network adjustments
  • Topcon Pocket 3D
  • Topcon 3D Office
  • Pix4D –  Drone Mapping
  • Carlson Civil, Survey and TakeOff