Lee Green Consulting LLC provides support for concrete contractors utilizing today’s advanced technology for layout of structures, building pads, footers, piers, walls, anchor bolts, etc. We will verify contract drawings and prepare 2d or 3d linework files for use with the contractor’s survey controller.

We also provide Survey Support and Training to Earthwork Contractors.  Assisting with the process from “Paper to Dirt”.  Reviewing of contract plans, Earthwork volumes, Setup GPS base Control and prepare 3D Surface Models for use with 3D Machine Guidance systems.

Contractors, do you find it difficult communicating with surveyors, engineers, and architects with complex projects. We are here to help with our consulting services. 

We also mentor contractors using today’s latest technology for accurate and productive Layout of:

* Excavations & Footers
* Walls and Embeds 
* Precise Anchor Bolt Layout 
* Steel column plumb verification 
* As-builts Drawings

See project photo gallery below.